youtube funnessYouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world. Were it not a part of Google, it would be the biggest search engine in the world. Because of all its features, it also is considered one of the biggest social media sites in the world. To get BakedFinn clients started, we developed this FAQs page to provide answers, links, videos and more to help get people started.
  • How to sign up for YouTube - YouTube is one of those accounts that come along when people sign up for a Google account. Sign up here for the Google Account then head over to YouTube to set features. Set public name so it uses gravatar and privacy features.
  • Do I need to upload videos to use YouTube? - Nope. In fact, many, many people never upload a YouTube video with their account. They would rather watch, like videos and the like.
  • Is YouTube Free? - Yes. For the most part, all the billions of videos uploaded are available for free viewing. There are a couple exceptions.
    • Movies - YouTube Movies - This is Google’s video renting / purchasing system. Prices are typically fair. Renting is usually available for 48 hours. For Purchasing, they’re available to view on YouTube movies for the duration of the time you have the account.
    • Google Adwords for Video - Advertise on YouTube with all the demographics and targeting that’s available from Adwords.
  • What Can a User Do on YouTube? - Well this list can go on for quite awhile so we’ll start with the basics.
    • View videos
    • Like videos to give them support - Google tracks this stuff
    • Leave comments
    • Make playlists
    • Upload videos
    • Make video playlists - of yours and /or other videos for ease of use
    • Create your own video channel - for your videos, to like favorites
    • Share videos on other social networks - It’s why they put those icons by the videos
    • Embed videos - under the video: hit Share>Embed and you can take the code to put on your video. It’s typically what we use.
    • Subscribe to channels / users whose videos you like - they’ll show up on your home page. Once can browse directrly at the users or use the search feature to look for specific video ideas.
  • Can users edit their videos? - Since 2011 if we’re getting our math right. YouTube’s video editor allows for basic editing features to clean up, style, and trim the content on the video.
  • Are their tips to build a YouTube Audience - Yes. YouTube Creator Hub is a section devoted to helping users get started on their channel.

YouTube Tutorials & Resources

For more information, check out the links below.

Advanced YouTube Features - Video

photo credit: Simon Andriaensen via Flickr