The fun part with this last layer blogging is that it involves a completely different approach and a completely different style of writing from the other layers. The first four layers required technical expertise with a dash of simplicity to make it readable for those who don’t have your level of said expertise. And, once you get the hang of the material, a touch of charm to give your blog a writing style and distinguish yourself from the competitors will give you that great recipe for corporate blog success.

When it comes to the "Tidings of Great Joy” layer, the research centers around making sure your community calendar(s) are up to date and that someone is up to date on local news. While you’re at it, make sure you’re on the mailing lists for the press and news announcements of such institutions. Such steps will make it that much easier to give shouts of support out when your communities are involved in big events. Well, unless you really want to hope that you get quick, up-to-the-second information from one of the children of your team.

Also, cheer those local community institutions on to victory, console them when they come in second, and always say, "Good luck...not that you’ll need it.”

School support is always recommended

If you’re a college town, supporting the schools public activities is smart. If the big school is a high school or two, support them. If there are rivalries, play them up while supporting both times. The exception is that if you’re a company that is noted for its founders being from one school, then provide backhand support the rival so long as it doesn’t hurt the success of your school.

Sports. Always with the sports.

Up in Valparaiso, we’re a Bears town, not a Colts town. And a Bulls town. We’re a little split between Cubs & White Sox but most of use bleed Cubby blue.We support.

If you’re lucky enough to have a live music scene...

And you have staff that attended the event, getting them to review the events are always great.

Speaking of your staff

Allowing them to voice their opinions from time to time not only adds fresh content but shows that your company is more than just some stiff necks in a lock room high above, out of the reach of the commoners.

And, the best tidings of great joys

Are in the remembrances of holidays. Yes, try to stay neutral and remember as many of them as you can, but giving a kind thought to show respect for those days is a part of the little details that makes all the difference.

What you will get from this layer

Such steps will show that your company does more than claim it is part of the community. It will show that you are knowledgeable in its activities and that you participate. Such distinctions go a long when conducting local business. Also, it will give you sales team some more common ground from which to start conversations with prospects.

Emphasis on corporate profiles

corporate profile bloggingOver time, you will probably find that this aspect of blogging to be your favorite. Here’s where you get to write about your co-workers & staff. It will reinforce the need to get to know them and keep in touch with their goings on. Most importantly, with the blog...

Some ideas for the corporate profile

  • Executive bios
  • Employee resumes
  • Highlight educational achievements during employment
  • Emphasis certifications
  • Awards: always happily announce wards (to near the point of bragging)
And with those acknowledgements, we’ve covered the BakedFinn’s Five layers to corporate blogging. Remember to put the names of those certifications, achievements & awards in the titles and paragraph headers early and often within the posts - but not too often. Don’t make it smell like spam but write it in active voice. Loud and proud. And you should be okay.

How are your results?

It’s time to start assessing the traffic and conversions. With that we go to the next step of the 101 Web Presence Tutorial, "Analysis: Analytics and Updates.