Setting up an online web presence involves a lot of front end labor: notetaking, data entry, bookkeeping, reading and listening. If you’re following our Web Presence 101 tutorial you have already discovered this fact because you’ve already set up a Google Account & 20 additional online / social media profiles. Hopefully you put all the account info on a spreadsheet - perhaps the free spreadsheets found on Google Drive.

We reference this sheet now because we will use the same spreadsheet to keep record of the industry - competitors, potential customers, media outlets, bands we love - wait, what?

This spreadsheet will be referred to often and will be used again for future 101 steps such as keyword research and blogging topics and will be used again when we hit the advanced BakedFinn process.

Here’s what we do:

  • start a new tab on that spreadsheet. Name it something poetic like "battlefield.”
  • list your products and services
  • list every competitor you have - those your size, smaller, dream competitors...
  • list their web presences - web domain, link to email subscriptions, twitter account, facebook how we mentioned in the Online Presence list
  • list all the products & services they have to offer
  • list all the naming variations competitors have for these products & services. See who says, "po-tay-toe,” & who says "po-ta-toe”
  • list all the niche industry magazines, newspapers, research facilities, laboratories...
  • list all vendors & their web presences

Now that you have this information...'s time to put it to good use. The first thing we do with it: use the information to "put on ears."