We recently got called out on this:

You guys sure don’t blog much.

It’s true. And it’s false. And there’s a reason.

Here’s where it’s true

State of things: 2014

When Bake & I started putting ideas together as far back as 2011, the one we went with, “BusyPorts,” started as a web software product. Bake will still refer to it as a eCMSaaS. From there, we whipped up a prototype with the idea of running website software for ticketing. It had a basic CMS and eCommerce included. Then it included online document storage for 3rd party members. And then it had basic seminar / live event registration included. And before we knew it, we were building something special. This something needed testing.

So we put an agency face on it. And “BakedFinn” was born.

We quickly became overwhelmed in the wake of testing the something special . Then somewhere along the way, before we knew it we were a post-production shop helping other area agencies with their clients. We’ve built some pretty cool things and continue to be associated with some cool brands.

But it took a few exhaustion-related illnesses and a couple life-changing events for us to realize we weren’t doing what we set out to do: building that` something special.

Where it’s false

So we did something scary

We turned down every project coming in. We finished what was on our plate, said, “good bye,” where we could, and we got back to that something special.

What is that Something Special

A few months have gone by since we took those hard looks in the mirrors and made those hard choices to simplify our schedules. We continue to listen to agencies who need post-production web development and digital marketing assistance. Most of our work, including our blogging, can be found on these existing brands.

But for the next good while , we’re back to our something special. We call it “ BiziPorts .” It’s a seamless fusion of CMS and eCommerce systems with a few more bells and whistles to be announced as they come to fruition.

Once the website is done, you’ll find most of our blogging efforts over there

We’ll also be migrating some of our How-To / 101 content over to  biziports.com . Before we get back into heavy blogging and content marketing on BiziPorts, we have to finish assembling and agreeing to the 4Ps of Marketing for BiziPorts. Once those are finished, we’ll let everyone know.

As for this blog

We’ll continue to keep it as more of a “news & events,” style blog. We’ll help spotlight our friends as well as ourselves - including that  Tech Accelerator we helped get going in our hometown of Valparaiso. BakedFinn is our corporate home - where the toymakers’ shoppes are located. We’ll be announcing our product updates as we go. And, we’ll be tweaking this website a little bit so we ask if you continue to pardon our dust.

Thank you to everyone who keeps BakedFinn in their thoughts

We’re still on the long road to better intentions. Laptops in our hands, Figure Eight brews on our desks, and guitars by our side.

Until next time

- Finn