social media syndication with hootsuiteWhile we were starting BakedFinn and testing out our strategies, one of the most popular questions heard regarding social media was,
"There’s too many platforms out there for us to keep up with. Once in awhile we even work during our days. So, how the H*** do we manage?”
After you’ve signed up for the 20 social media accounts to make sure your name is owned, you’ll find yourself starting out easy and only using a few accounts. For most businesses, it’ll come down to the big five:

Syndicating blog post and message updates

The tips, tricks & techniques to using the above platforms will be expounded upon as we grow this blog, but for now try the following syndication tricks to get the message out:

1) Once you have finished a blog post, syndicate the message using the social media tool Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows one to sync all of the above accounts and send out a message with a link at the same time. That link? Yep, your blog post.

Make sure to mix up times of days to send out those messages and use their Google Analytics URL builder to track the times those messages more effectively.

2) There’s a tool out there that will "automagically” send out your messages for you based on their proprietary magic voodoo. The tool is called Buffer. Perhaps you’ve seen their blog commenting and sharing tools. Right now we’re testing Buffer on a couple of our online web properties to see how they run. We have a few industry friends using them (it’s the only reason they’re tweeting at 3:30am :-)). We anticipate that the tool will be good for the off-hour times when our clients would rather be with their family instead of embracing their clients on late-night chats EVERY night.

Note:  Hootsuite has an autoscheduler as well. We're testing both.

Once we know more about our results with Buffer, we’ll update this page.

Syndicating updates with mobile devices

1) Finn’s favorite part about Hootsuite is that it has a mobile device that is just about as incredible as the browser-based platform. The mobile app keeps the account in sync and pushes updates to the account holder’s phone.

At this point, the only down thing with the Hootsuite mobile app is that it does not allow syndicating to the Google+ pages. In fact, there isn’t one perfect social sharing device, but because one can get to Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Linkedin & Foursquare with this app, we use it the most.

2) The other issue we have with Hootsuite mobile is that the app doesn’t always show photos when they upload to Facebook. Only the pictures. People react warmly to pictures we often use Instagram. Yeah, Instagram’s App. Here’s why:
With Instagram, one can take and touch up pictures with their phone and then syndicate to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare checkins and email. If one could syndicate to LinkedIn and Facebook fan pages, this would be the ideal app for message syndication. Instagram works well with Facebook, providing the desired, appealing graphical updates. But because one can do as much as they can with this picture sharing app, we have a tendency to use this app a lot as our proxy for Foursquare.

Picture bonus: if you want to use an app to retouch photos that will make cool little things like memes, check out Aviary! Finn uses Aviary often. Take a pic with the camera. touch it up with Aviary. Send the picture out with Instagram. Boom.

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