Congrats. If you’ve been doing our 101 Web Presence tutorial and have reached this step, pat yourself on the back. You’ve climbed quite a mountain and have learned that even though many of the accounts for free, there is still quite an opportunity cost to consider.

What you’re realized

Hopefully at this point you’ve realized that a web presence isn’t a Ron Popeil, set-it-and-forget-it, widget practice. It takes dedication, discipline, persistence and a bit of stubbornness just to set everything up. It takes the same level of effort to keep the profiles growing. More importantly, it takes this type of effort to make connections, get their info, take the conversation offline and into emails, phone calls, coffee...

What now?

1: the first thing that needs to be done is to maintain the persistency. Keep finding fellow tweeps or tweeps you’d like to friend. Listen to them. Grow those relationships.
2: Since businesses would like leads, the trick now would be to grow a digital marketing strategy that fits the businesses needs. We know that one strategy does not fit all, but we do know that the digital marketing process is similar for most. With that in mind, we begin our digital marketing strategy process tutorials. We hope you take a moment to read them as we begin writing them in 2013 and hope to have them finished by May of 2013.

Where are you at on your Web Presence building?