Payment Processing

How Payment Processing Works

One of our vendors,, has a nice animated chart that explains how payment processing works. Please take a moment to view the page. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to use the contact information below to ask us those questions.

How BakedFinn's Payment Application Process works

Payment Processing has become fastest growing service in Internet marketing. With the use of our PCI-Compliant BiziPorts platform, we are able to process all the major payment forms:
  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • check (echeck)
With our vendor relationships, we can process transactions via the most requested platforms:
  • physical swipe machines
  • mail / telephone order
  • virtual terminals
  • online payment pages
  • mobile swipe machine
  • mobile credit card readers
We also provide the major types of payments businesses & non-profits look for payment processing:
  • recurring billing
  • subscription billing
  • ecommerce
BiziPorts Payment Processing System comes with all the bells and whistles to make business want to use our system and tell their friends about us:

  • automated email receipts
  • automated text / SMS receipts
  • online reporting

Why Use BakedFinn for Payment Processing?

BakedFinn matches & often beats our competitors' rates when it comes to processing. But here's a few things we offer that you won't find anywhere else:
  • FREE basic 2.0 web design
  • FREE / reduced website hosting
  • FREE BiziPorts account which provides access to our industry leading lead generation & live events registration platform

Want Payment Processing?

Please check out our contact information below so we can begin the conversation.

Note:  "FREE" packages are restricted to those who apply, are approved, and accept BakedFinn & vendors' payment processing terms of use.