With increased government restrictions implemented to protect consumers against identity theft and credit card fraud, payment process applications have become all the more thorough. To help understand the steps that go along with the process, below is the a checklist. The document has been known to help customers visualize the process and see that applying is just as straight-forward as it is simple. Before they know it, our customers have the increased freedom to draw from new revenue sources at great rates.

1 - FIll Out Merchant Application(s)

The applications come in the files attached with this email. One is for the Credit Card account. The other is for eCheck. If either of these services will not be used.
  • 1 for Check
  • 1 for Credit Card


Once the client fills out what they can we submit it to our vendors and they establish rates. Once rates are established and agreed to, the client can then sign the applications if they choose (hopefully, the choice is a formality).

2 - Additional Information: Fraud Check

Not everyone has every bit of documentation below, but the more one is able to provide, the clearer the picture the processors have of the business, the more accurate they can be at assessing rates.
  • Last 3 months of credit card transactions: 3 months of credit card processing statements (if applicable)
  • Last 3 months of bank statements: (If new business, merchant should be able to provide statements showing funds supporting the startup/operation of the business or personal bank statements.)
  • Prior years and year-to-date business financials (prior years audited financials required if available)
  • Marketing materials (print ads, brochures, etc.) if mail order/telephone order sales
  • Sales scripts (if product sold through call center/key entered)
  • Any agreements/contracts with customers - copies.
  • If product/service being sold and not owned by merchant, reseller agreements should be provided.
  • Articles of incorporation/articles of organization showing the ownership of the entity associated with the merchant account
  • Merchant questionnaire if applicable -(found in the Agent resource Center)

3 - Merchant Approval & Account Setup in PowerPay

Pending approval, we then set your accounts up in our merchant systems. We also set the accounts to cc a BakedFinn email so we can finish setting up your account. We also set the client up with their own BiziPorts account to keep track of their echeck data.

4 - Purchase Hardware

Pending business, some will want physical swipe terminals and / or mobile swipe terminals. This is the time they are purchased.
  • physical swipe - if needed 
  • mobile swipe / reader - if needed

5 - Principal #1 Identity Verification

To allow the pieces to be put into motion, the PowerPay does a final verification with the Principal using what they call a deployment form. The process typically involves a couple basic questions when talking to Underwriting to verify information before the hardware is activated.

6 - PCI Assessment

Credit only. A short questionnaire needs to be filled out to assess the security of customer’s data. Often times BakedFinn can fill out this step on the client’s behalf.

7 - Testing

Before the system is allowed to go live, BakedFinn has to test all the working parts. Then it’s ready to go!

8 - BakedFinn Technical Contact

  • technical contact name: Chris Bake 
  • email address: techsupport [@] bakedfinn.com 
  • phone: (219) 440-2609 
  • additional Person(s) Authorized to Receive Online Transaction Initiation Reporting Access 
    • name 
    • email 
    • phone

9 - Basic Questions

Who Should we Contact with Questions?

Contact Nat Finn @ finn [@] bakedfinn.com

How To Cancel Recurring?

The customers by the way would call the merchant's call center to cancel their re-bill, most likely finding this customer service number on their credit card statement (set up by the merchant's payment processor better known as a retail descriptor). The merchant would then cancel the re-bill for that customer by following protocol of one of the below; but I need further info to advise. Please see below:

Do We Work With Euros?

Yes, we do. 

Are There Benefits for Non-Profits?

  • NO Application Fees 
  • NO Annual Fees 
  • NO Address Verification (AVS) Fees 
  • NO Leasing 
  • NO Termination Penalties 
  • $0.25 per Transaction 
  • $9.95 Monthly Service Fee (includes Monthly Statement) 
  • NO Monthly Processing Minimum 
  • Toll Free 24/7 Tech Support and daily Customer Service Support