While blogging to be a resource for your stakeholders offers sustained, targeted traffic over time, using your corporate blog for other purposes not only offers up diversity into the writer’s day but it also offers your stakeholders a glimpse into your company’s inner working. Focusing some of your blogging effort on some of the non-profit and outreach your company works on, spotlighting key events and personnel, helps bring such diversity.


Ideas for Outreach & Spotlight Blogging

1) Doing a series leading up to a non-profit’s annual event: If the non-profit you work with has an annual event - a charity, auction, dinner, outing - that has become an event that stakeholders have circled on their calendar, doing a series of blog posts covering the event details, key moments, 2) Feature client successes: When your clients win, everybody wins. Give them a shout out. Show your support. And if they are a part of a big event, your blog could get an additional traffic bump. 3) Highlight employee promotions & anniversaries: Sadly, some companies are afraid to highlight their talent for fear of them leaving. Even if you become the McDonalds of your industry - the ones who trains everyone else’s managers - then at least your notoriety will become the stuff of legends. Such process should make it easy to find the next wave of talent.

Let everyone know you are proud of your talent. If they’re going to leave, they’re going to leave. It’s best to have them leave because of what you’ve done for them, not because of what you’re doing to them.


Examples of corporate blogging outreach and spotlights

Examples: DK New Media. Once again, a shout out goes to Finn’s Mentor at DK New Media. In fact, their redesign was similar to how Finn was going to do his personal site. He’s a bit jealous. But, note how they use it to display their talent: Coca Cola: They do one all about their history, production, culture and staff. It’s almost enough to make one want to stop drinking Pepsi. Almost. Fiskers - Who know sewing could be so much fun. Message boards, customer project highlights, and odes our first layer of blogging as they do How Tos, Fiskers, it’s enough to make even the most undomesticated want to make arts and crafts for the holidays.

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