Lead Generation / Landing Page Creation

Internet Marketing is about more than increasing relevant traffic to web properties. It’s about making those properties convert into leads & sales. With the use of CTAs, contact forms and contrast, sending traffic to targeted Lead Generation Landing Pages will help determine the messages, keywords and themes which will give your website the best ROI.

The beauty of landing pages is that the whole website doesn’t needed to be changed in order to work. Only the landing pages need to be designed. At BakedFinn, we like to use 3 landing pages to conduct A/B Multivariate testing using our proprietary system BiziPorts. The system randomizes which page appears, making sure each landing page gets the same amount of views, and then tracks the performance of each page to see which one generated the most leads and provided the best ROI.

  • What makes a good landing page 

  1. CTA - simple call to action that the searcher will understand as the purpose for contacting the website owners
  2. Contact Form - The form that takes a visitor’s name, email and other pieces of contact information. For best results, BakedFinn uses name & email as required information to be filled out and a comment section as an optional section.
  3. Content - Copy that describes the benefits / elements of the CTA which adds incentive for the searcher to contact you
  4. Contrast - a little design / position that makes the Contact form button stick out and be the first thing the client sees on the page
  • Examples of good landing pages

  1. ChrisBrogan.com/contact/ - Simple explanation. Assumes people already know him. Simple contact form.
  2. Hubspot - Answers basic questions. Keeps content focused. Keeps contact for simple.
  3. Dugan, Repay & Rybicki - On the left, simple contact form, simple barriers to entry
  4. Imavex - simple CTA, content and easy-to-find order form
  5. SilverPop - a little simplistic but gets the point across

  • Examples of not-so-good landing pages

  1. Harper and Rogers - no contact form, doesn’t sit on Harper & Rogers domain (creates a trust issue), no real content, should make "twenty four” a number because a searcher can read it and think it says they answer the phone four hours a day.
  2. Etzler Law - No content. No CTA. Extra barriers to entry AND a CAPTCHA making it less likely people will use it. 2. Lead Generation Landing Page Creation (Cont’d)

  • Landing Page Locations

Below is a list of typical locations to test landing pages.

  1. Home Page
    • CTA - Free Initial Consultation
      • Services (described above)
  2. Contact Page
    1. General
  3. Test Location
    • IE - contact.yoururl.com

  • CTA messages, typical details.

  1. General
    • Message
      • "Learn More”
      • "Contact Us”
      • "Register Now”
    • Check Boxes - Opt IN
      • sign up for the monthly newsletter
      • learn more about our FREE seminar dinners
  2. Contact Page - general details
    • General
      • Free Initial Consultation
      • Friendly staff
      • Have Coffee & Tea (character-rich amenities that shows you are people too)
    • Office Location (multiple pages for multiple locations)