Wait, you WANT to do that?   I mean, welcome aboard! 

Introducing our Wearer of Hats (Developer Intern), Jamie Bourne.  A librarian and information scientist by training, Jamie has worked in information management since 2001.  She has done gigs in academic and public libraries, government, finance, market research, and higher education.  She has been everything from a humble file clerk to system administrator and writer of queries and reports.  She hopes to put her interest in coding, passion for user-centered organization and database design, and strong track record of process documentation to good use at BakedFinn.  When she’s not learning some clever new way to solve a problem, she’s off playing board or card games, playing her violin, or enjoying movies so bad they’re good.  Her personal mantra is " Make it useful or don’t make it at all. ”      

Welcome aboard, Jamie.