When we prioritized our layers of blogging for the 101 tutorials, we did so with a long term focus in mind. The first layer is what stakeholders will be searching for the most. Most of those terms will typically last as long as the technology & strategies in your market. The second layer also holds a bit a longevity, especially if those people and events that are spotlighted have good careers or are annual events.
In the next following cases, the long-term sustainability of traffic from such posts are hit-or-miss. They’re mostly only seen by your stakeholders - not that there’s anything wrong with that. Though, the more you work on the SEO of your site - its trust and fraternity - the more likely that on occasion you’ll receive huge traffic spikes from these upcoming layers.

Industry news & product reviews

Your industry will have tools, tips, tricks, tactics and, mostly, products that will help your industry - or sponge off it but that’s another story for another day. Pending your industry, writing about industry news & product reviews can gain significant traffic. If your market is Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Technology, probably not so much unless you’re Mashable, Techcrunch, Wired...at least any time too soon without serious dedication. The reason is because a ridiculous number of blog are already occupying this space and make their living off being watchdogs and rumor spreaders. But if your market only has a few players and quite a few consumers, a blog will have quite the impact in the space.

Before you despair, remember the goal is to reach your stakeholders. With social media, email and Googley woogley tricks, you’ll begin to reach your targeted audience.

For your own knowledge

Blogging about industry news & product reviews not only helps generate traffic and establish your knowledge in the area, but it also keeps your company up to date on the tools of the trade. Keeping a record, a log of these reviews helps train your company, you client, and keep a public step ahead of the competition. Sharing such knowledge has great PR benefits and shows that you are willing to publically contribute to the community.

So start keeping track already.

Advanced:  Vlogging

YouTube Video Blog reviews of products add an additional layer of traffic that can significantly help your branding, leads and authority in the marketplace.Like so:

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