From the team and supporters of BakedFinn we would like to wish everyone a hearty, healthy & Happy Thanksgiving - 2012 style. Please eat a bit, have some pie for us and give a moment's thought for those not so fortunate.

For those traveling like Finn, please be mindful of the road so you can get to your destination safely.

And if you're going out to get in the line for the Black Friday rushes after dinner, please be mindful of other shoppers. We are in the land of the plenty. There should be plenty enough to go around.

A "Thank You," to everyone...

...who helped get BakedFinn off the ground and running. We wouldn't have been anywhere without the support of everyone we knew encouraging use to keep going. To our family, friends, colleagues, bartenders, passers by, experts in the field, the operators standing by and everyone else we were lucky enough to stumbleupon on the way, we thank you. We are nothing without all y'all.

Here's to hoping...

...that we can be strong enough over the next year to be able to say, "Happy Thanksgiving," for 2013.