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google webmastersWith Google Analytics, one can see how well their site is performing overall in regards to traffic and converting traffic into leads and / or sales. What Google Analytics doesn’t do is show you how well your site is performing in Google. It’s health, so to speak - well, unless you count it reporting a significant dip in traffic. Otherwise, to learn about the health of your website with respect to search engines, Google provides another free tool:  Google Webmasters.

What Is Google Webmasters?

Much like how companies have webmaters who maintain the computer networks, Google provides Webmasters to allow Website owners the ability to track and maintain the health of their site. Google Webmasters will provide data on:
  • How often Google crawls the site
  • If Google has trouble seeing the site
  • In general, search terms for which the site is ranking
  • What sites are linking to your site
Google Webmasters also provides email updates if significant changes occure. For example, WordPress owners get updated when a new upgrade is available. We’ve also gained clients because we used Google Webmasters to show that their site was hacked.

How to Sign Up For Google Webmasters?

Here’s the broken record portion of the account, Google Webmasters is yet another one of the free services provided by Google and are available to you right away when you sign up / use your Google Account.

How To Use Google Webmasters

We will be adding to our tutorials as we go but for now, the best thing to do is use the Google Tutorials. They’re pretty comprehensive. There’s also the Google Webmaster Blog & their YouTube Channel.

Google Webmasters Academy Video Playlist

Google for Webmasters Tutorial

Can BakedFinn Help With Google Webmasters

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