Google Analytics - tutorial, news, updates to know how much traffic your website(s) receive? Want to know where your visitors go when they visit? You better. Everyone does. Luckily, Google covers that with an incredible free tool that most of us would be lost without.

Their solution: Google Analytics.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the tool that actually put the word, "analytics,” into the american conscience. It measures website performance based on users.
  • How visitors a month
  • How long they stay
  • How many pages they visit
  • From where in the world they come
  • What device they use to visit your website
  • What pages they visit
  • How they found the website
And with the additions Google added to the tool in 2011, not only is it even more accurate at determining these numbers, but they can tell you them in real time - eve to the point where they can tell you how many are on the website at the moment.

Google Analytics Advanced Options

Google can also help track revenue generated on ecommerce websites and track the performance of individual marketing campaigns. Full volume, exportable reporting in popular document formats such as xls, csv & pdf, scheduled report email options along with multi-account access to data, Google is the tool most agencies to share data with their clients and give them real time access to see how their website is performing at any time in the day.

How to Sign Up For Google Analytics

Just like all other Google features, start by signing up for or using your existing Google Account. Then go to

Does Google Analytics Offer a Mobile App?

At this point in time, Google does provide a free mobile app for Android users. For iPhone users, the solution isn’t quite available, yet, for free welcome to the Apple / Google war. There are some iphone apps that offer Google Analytics for a low, low price. Also, the Google Analytics mobile site isn’t too bad. Not perfect, but a big improvement over what it used to be.

Are There Training Tutorials for Google Analytics?

There are many, many tutorials out there for Google Analytics. To us, there are none better than than Google’s own Conversion University. It is a comprehensive tutorial covering any an all aspects of Google Analytics. They even have a certification test you can take to show you really know your stuff. Has Tutorials As Well. Here's A Playlist!

Does Google Offer Consultations?Sure they do. Here’s a link to learn more about their premium services. All you need is $150,000 and a dream. In the meantime, here are some other resources...

Additional Resources for Google Analytics

Can BakedFinn Help With Google Analytics?

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