Google’s free web-based email provider, GMail, has come a long way from the days it was an exclusive invite-only system. I remember all the days Tat would hold that over my head to look cool. It worked. Eventually, he relented, gave me an account invite and I haven’t looked back.

How to Set Up a Gmail Account

In order to get a GMail account you now have to sign up for a Google Account (here’s our article on how to do just that). Once you have signed up for a Google Account, you get not only Gmail but all the services. It only takes a minute or so to get that going.

Gmail Features Like Microsoft Outlook Office

  • Folders in Office are Labels in Gmail - Gmail uses Labels that tags emails of the same likeness. This way, users have their structure but when they use the search feature, all emails can be searched. Not only that, but if you want an email to show up in more than one area, you can set multiple features. 
  • Filters are Filters - They essentially work the same. Even down to the "skip the inbox” and archive them straight away. It works great especially when subscribing to mailing lists that you would rather go read at your own convenience. 
  • Windows Messenger Is Gmail Chat - Gmail Chat not only requires no downloading but it also syncs with Google Plus, provides video, is archived (which you can turn off in settings if you’d like) and with Google Plus, multiple video chats & collaboration are available. 

Additional Gmail Features We Love to Use

  • Priority Inbox - Emails can be set so the address from whom you really want to see email show up in the top of the box. 
  • Mobile - Gmail is one of the email platforms that are supported by most ever mobile device. Not only that, but with a Google Account, calendars and docs are also supported. 
  • Virtually Endless Space - Gmail has a virtually endless supply of data. They start with 2.5 gigs, then goes up to 7 gigs. 
  • Phone Calls - Gmail also provides Google Talk which allows the capacity to make free phone calls to the US & Canada. 
  • Browser-Based Login - Unlike Microsoft, Gmail is used in a web browser. Now, one can set gmail to work through Microsoft Office, but if you’re in web browsers all day like we are, we like the fact that all we need is a web browser to login to see our email so in the unlikely case we don’t have our computers or phones with us, we can still check email. 
  • Google Business Apps - For businesses that would like to use Gmail and all the other features provided by Google along with official Google support, Google provides business apps at incredible rates. It’s the tool we like to use for our clients. It’s also the one we use for ourselves. 
  • Multiple Emails - Like Microsoft Office, Gmail Allows multiple accounts to run through it. It's a feature we might not be able to live without. Here's a video on how to

More Information about Gmail

Gmail Features & Tutorial Video Playlist

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photo credit:  rovlls via Flickr