At this point you’ve turned your blog into a wealth of industry information for your clients and staff (and, sure, competitors). You’ve also started promoting the stakeholders in your community with outreach and spotlight posts. You’ve even started reviewing the latest tools, tricks and tactics your industry has to offer. Now that you’ve shown that you are a part of the community, it’s now time to tell us a little about yourself.

Blogging Layer 4 - Corporate News & Events

Your company has annual events. Write about them. Give the stakeholders a bit of insight into the rituals.

Your company has promotions. Tell us about them.

Your company is going to a trade show. Tell us when and where and where we can find you.

Your company just finished a big project with a signature client. That’s PR genius.


But DO NOT publish your press releases on the blog

Of course you want to publish your media-worthy news. You want to get the word out ASAP. We ALL want those stories on the blog. What we DO NOT want is to have the same story told the exact same way on the blog as will be published on media outlets.

The reason we don’t want press releases published on a blog... a Google thing.

Google likes every web page to have its own original content on the page. The rule of thumb we use is, "1 page. 1 URL,” to remind us of this technique. While we are huge proponents of submitting press releases - we go so far as to call it as a best practice - the downside is that many media outlets will only re-publish the press release on their site unless the find the story to be worth further reporting. This means that though your company will get extra press and an additional Googley-woogley benefit from submitting press releasing and having them published. While this is a good thing for your company, using the same content on your blog as the media outlets use is not the best way to get all the Google-love out of the story.

The best practice when adding press releases to your corporate blog... to rewrite the press release into a fresh bit of content, THEN publish it to your corporate blog as part of your PR launch. This way, you get an original take on the story. And you'll also be the first to tell the story, which is another Googley-Woogley benefit when the search engines go to index and rank your story.

Make sense?

Only one more layer of corporate blog to go

Company profiles.