blogging 101 funSocial media can be a whole lot of fun. Most of us at BakedFinn haven’t purchased a CD at the local BestBuy in years because of the social media tools that are out there which share content such as much, videos, images and - for the purpose of this discussion - thoughts & ideas. A great medium to exchange, research & share ideas, social media is the modern-day way to meet new relevant connections and collaborate with said key people.


101 - Why have a blog?

The problem with a lot of social media messages is that everything is so instantaneous that eventually all the messages get lost in the void. The way to show what you stand for and to have the answers for the questions people will ask you regarding your products, services, institutional knowledge & solutions for common problems is to have them written on a blog.


That is just one of the many wonderful reasons to have a blog

The problem most people have is where to begin.

How to begin a corporate / business blog - conceptually speaking

Later on in our 101 tutorial we’ll get into layers of blog ideas that we use, but for now, we start our clients off with an exercise. We ask them to do the following:
  • Pull out a sheet of paper.
  • Get a nice, sharp pen or pencil. Or laptop. Something to write with...

And, now, the fun part...

Pretend you’re grooming your 5-year-old child to take over your business. Pretend you are grooming them that early. Pretend you have to pry the child away from their video games in order to get their attention.


Not the best situation. What does that mean?

It means you’re going to have to make the step by step instructions really, really, really, really easy for the child to understand. While you are at it, you have to make the introduction light and quick and help ease them into understanding the subject matter. So ask yourself...

Where would you begin?

For the answer, begin writing out a step-by-step checklist outlining how you would begin to teach the child.

Welcome to your first blog list.

No one gets the list right the first time

Every business is different. Each involve a unique set of skills, competencies and competitive advantages. Each business evolves in time. So, don’t worry about getting it right the first time. A blog is a living, breathing organization and will grow with your business. For now...

Just get in the habit of getting into the habit of blogging

And we’ll put a little structure to that list in the upcoming steps.

For now...

Write a few posts and proceed to the next step: syndicating that message on social media with tools such as Hootsuite.
Note: Wanting to learn how to ADD content to a blog? Check out our platform's tutorial at For Wordpressians, Finn started a basic one on NWiSM website.