We had a client ask us for a nice, affordable alternative to hosting their podcasting materials. As efficient as BiziPorts is, we found them one that was even cheaper: free. It’s one of our favorite locations - the Internet Archive at archive.org. Not only is it the home of the WayBack machine where developers go to look at past versions of sites as well as the live music archive - Finn’s favorite site - but it has a place where people can upload other bits of audio content for free. Speeches, notes, recorded speeches and in the case of the client’s needs: podcasts.

Quick steps to Podcasting on Archive.org

At this point you’ll need a blog or something with an RSS

BiziPorts has one. WordPress has one. This is where you use your Google Account and head over to FeedBurner.com - a Google property.
  • Take the RSS feed from it and put it into a new feed.
  • Note: MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THE CHECKBOX THAT SAYS YOU’RE A PODCASTER so FeedBurner makes a feed for the podcasts linked in the posts.
  • Take the podcast link to itunes podcast site
  • submit podcast to iTiunes

Welcome to Podcasting

Last notes iTunes will take you the rest of the way. Now you can add links to your site to the itunes and begin to grow your audience. Make sure you follow their tutorial on metadata and titles so as to assure your podcasts are properly titled and linked so users no what the content contains and itunes knows how to index and categorize your casts.


photo credit: Derrickkwa via Flickr


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