Analytics - Google Analytics can be used to track website traffic, referral resources (websites who give you traffic including Facebook & Twitter), and how many people leave you information on your contact page. An essential tool, Google Analytics comes with every plan.

  • SEM Keyword Reports - Each Search Engine Reporting breaks reports down to the Keyword. Adwords can also be linked to Google Analytics so searchers can see how well each keyword performs.
  • SEO Keyword Reports - Typically, the better a site ranks for a keyword in a Google / Bing Search Engine result the better it’s going to place. Typically, you want to be in the top 5 on a Search Engine result but with Google Panda running extreme caution has to be taken when improving SEO rankings. Slow monitoring and focusing on White Hat SEO techniques will help achieve those rankings in the long term.

Social Media Metrics - Tracking includes followers, fans, RTs, links to the home page, mentions...