With a little luck you are on the blogging path now. The tutorial should have helped at least get you to the point where now, at worst, you’re extremely dangerous. Yes, it’s a real fine way to start.


Time to analyze the results

When it comes to digital marketing, the term used to measure traffic and performance is Analytics.

What is analytics?

For years, I wrote the word analytics in either Microsoft Word and even Google Docs and the spell-checker would tell me that I mispelled the word. That means it wasn’t in their dictionaries. That’s how new the word is.

In short, the term Analytics has to do with patterns and trends in web data: visits, unique visits, keywords used in search engines to find web pages, time on site...Set up properly, the website can tell you where the web visitor came from, what web browser they used as well as determining how many of them performed the desire action on your website.


Google Analytics - the best free tool on the market

Google Analytics is a free tool that comes when you sign up for your Google Account (note: you will sign up for a Google Account :-) ). We use Google Analytics on all our clients and make sure our clients know how to access their reports 24/7. Those reports can be customized and either viewed directly on the website, downloaded at your leisure or automatically emailed to your inbox either daily, weekly or monthly.

We’ve started a resource tutorial for Google Analytics on our website

Please take a moment to visit the site. It’s in its infancy at the moment but we put nice links in there to tutorials as well as Google’s Google Analytics Certification and training website: Conversion University.

What will you learn from Analytics?

With the help of Google Webmasters, you’ll learn what keywords are responsible for web traffic to your website, the position your website ranks for those keywords and with a deeper analysis you will able to ascertain where next to direct your blogging efforts.

For learning how to better convert said traffic...

...we go to the next step of the Web Presence 101 Tutorial: CTA double-check.