for local businesses, like a side street cafeWe got a call at 4:15pm on a Friday from a soon-to-be client:
"Hey, Finn, sorry to bother you at the end of the week but I have a question."
"No bother, sir. We’re around 24/7. Whatcha need?"

The client said his latest customer had looked online, found nothing that matched his needs and was on Interstate 94 heading to Chicago to fulfill their needs when they saw his truck. The customer decided to take a chance, followed our soon-to-be-client's truck back to the office and, by pure happenchance, a sale was made.

I told him that I had the same issue his customers had when I first went to visit them. Why? Because their business wasn’t even set up in Google Maps. He asked if we could fix it while we were setting up his services. He was happy to hear it was part of the set up plan.

To help make sure our clients and readers can have an online presence to compliment the advertising on their vehicles which, by the way, seems to work!, we wrote up some instructions and added links so people can begin making sure their business is seen locally on Google.

Setting up a business in Google Maps / Google+ Local

Setting up a business listing in Google Maps has changes in 2012. The listings are now a part of Google+. Specifically, Google+ Local.

What is Google+ Local?

Here's a nice YouTube video from Google that describes it:

Here’s the steps to take to get Google+ Business listing going:

  1. Sign in with your Google account. Don’t have one? Then sign up for a Google Account.
  2. Go to the
  3. Click the "Start creating your page” button.
  4. Select from the choices on the left the type of business that best describes you:
    • Local Business or Place
    • Product or Brand
    • Company, Institution or Organization
    • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
    • Other
  5. Select country
  6. Add business’s primary phone number
  7. Pick the listing that applies to you (or "Not Found” if you can’t find it)
  8. Add your info
    • add Business Name
    • confirm Phone Number
    • Add physical address
    • Select a Main Category for your business
    • Confirm the location of your business on the map
    • Confirm if anyone can view or business or if there are restrictions:
      • 18 or older
      • 21 or older
      • Alcohol Related (Get this step right or Google will figure it out eventually)
    • Click the checkbox that you agree to the Google Terms (if you do. If not, you won’t get the business listed.)
    • Click "Create”
  9. Set Profile Pic
  10. Share it on Google+ (if you’re ready) then hit Finish.
  11. Double check your stats
  12. Once you like it, click, "Verify.” It’s on the right side.

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